Voice and tone

Tone scale


Just as your tone of voice may change when you’re excited, concerned, or happy, we adjust the Firefox tone depending on context and what someone is trying to accomplish. The degree to which we express our voice pillars varies with it.


Tone: Neutral

Goal: Just enough information

Example: Preferences, permissions panel, general infobar

Less expressive

Tone: Slightly reassuring, neutral, or negative depending on context.

Goal: Guidance to make a decision, including information to avoid risk.

Example: Security warning, error message

More expressive

Tone: Slightly upbeat

Goal: Introduce new features or tasks in an encouraging, but not sales-y way.

Example: Firefox Suggest, task-based onboarding

Fullest expression

Tone: Enthusiastic

Goal: Celebrate and really connect

Example: Thank you message, colorways modal