Acorn is the design system for Firefox.

Acorn is the design system for the Firefox desktop, as well as our iOS and Android browsers. It’s a curated library of design and development decisions that built the Firefox you know and love. Acorn is for the global community of employees, contributors, and volunteers that make Firefox better every day.

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.

Why ‘Acorn’? Besides being a preferred snack of red pandas (also known as firefoxes), an acorn is too heavy to be spread by the wind. Instead, it’s thanks to the tireless toiling of the forest’s smallest creatures that towering canopies of oak trees can grow.

We hope you’ll use this seed to grow Firefox and help the internet blossom into something better.

We’re just getting started

Over the years, Firefox has evolved. Acorn is more than just another redesign — it's a living system that will continue to evolve alongside our product offerings. We’re updating Acorn regularly, so come back to watch us grow in the open.


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