Word list


Add to dock

“Add to Dock” is the MacOS action that temporarily saves an application (like Firefox) to a fixed bar on the desktop screen – the equivalent of “pin to taskbar” on a windows device. Note: “Dock” is always title case.

On MacOS devices, applications (like Firefox) can be added to the Dock. The Dock typically runs along the bottom of the desktop screen but it can be customized to appear elsewhere. "Adding" an item to the Dock does not give it permanence — to keep an item in the Dock, a user must select "Keep in Dock" from the app's Dock context menu. The Windows equivalent of this action is to "pin to taskbar."


This is the Mozilla-specific term. Umbrella term for both "extensions" and "themes."  Note: “add-ons” is always hyphenated. See the Add-ons Terminology wiki entry for more information.

address bar

This term is used in the UI to refer to the fixed bar where users can enter a URL.


Our internal name for addons.mozilla.org; do not use in any user-facing communications.

application menu

The main menu in Firefox desktop and mobile. Do not use the term "app menu" or "hamburger menu" in product copy. (Though we do use these terms internally.) Example: Open previous tabs? You can restore your previous session from the Firefox application menu [icon] , under History.



Used to describe nascent, work-in-progress features. A beta tag or label can be applied to features, and this can be used in running text. When used in running text, beta is sentence case. For example, “Try the beta version of review checker.

For info about the Firefox Beta release channel, see Firefox Beta.


An outdated term for a list of blocked/allowed items. Avoid any instances where “black” and “white” imply “bad” or “good” concepts.


click / double-click

A reference to using a mouse to choose an item. Do not use. Instead, use Use "select" or "choose" to allow the user to focus on the task at hand, rather than the physical interaction and be more relevant to users on phones, tablets, and those with speech-recognition software.


The Firefox term for saving tabs on Android, written in lowercase (e.g., “Save to collections”)


Refers to the group of colorways that launched together and expired together, not multiple items a user can create. Collections were titled and themed (e.g., Life in Color, Turning Red).

colorway collection

A series of colorways that launch together and expire together. A collection may be titled or themed (for example, Life in Color, Turning Red). A user does not have a collection of colorways.


Do not use. In product we refer to "people."




If possible, use a more helpful or specific term, such as “info” or “browsing history”. When it is necessary, treat it as a single entity (e.g. “data is available”)

Do Not Track

Capitalized when referring to the setting in privacy preferences.