We have a small in-house localization team that manages the localization process and provides expert consultation. All products are localized by the community, and other types of content are localized by staff (for example, mozilla.org pages for French and German) or vendors (App Store or Play Store listings, emails, etc.).


How to write for a global audience

Be clear.

Use plain language, simple sentence construction, and active voice.

If using acronyms, spell out the full term on its first usage with the abbreviation in parenthesis.

Use articles before nouns.

Avoid words that could be interpreted in multiple ways. Check with localization if you aren't sure. For example, take these two options:

"Make sure you've got the right address"

"Make sure you've got the correct address"

We wondered if we needed to use "correct" instead of "right" because of the multiple meanings of "right." But, it turns out it's common enough that it's okay.

Be mindful of length

English words can more than double in length in other locales, so pay attention to character limits and expect strings to grow.

Handle humor carefully

Humor often doesn’t translate so handle this with care. If there is a need for more personality in copy, include a localization note explaining the rationale behind the original choice and possibly provide a simpler alternative.

Avoid colloquialisms and cultural references.

Avoid US American sports analogies like "home run" and celebration or seasonal events that only make sense in some parts of the world (e.g. "Mother’s day" and "return to school" happen at very different times).