Voice and tone

Voice pillars


Firefox is a trusted guide for our users. We have a point of view, and we share it with calm confidence. But we don't dictate it to our users. Instead, we offer language and guidance that enables them to make an informed choice.


In the spirit of connecting people to a more joyful web, we aim to be helpful and reassuring. We clearly explain the relevant facts, but not in a way that overstates the potential risks or value. We're for something, not against something. So, we accentuate the positive and avoid creating "internet villains."


Choosing Firefox is about building something better. We engage with users as partners in that work, using language that invites them into a two-way conversation. We don't shout our mission from the rooftops, but look for opportune moments to connect a user's choice to the bigger picture.


Our tone is genuine. We don't oversell or use fear tactics. We're straightforward. Firefox uses the language of people, not technology. We don't pepper transactional messages with pleasantries, but we do build a personal connection in the right moments.