Review requests

Request a review for design systems standards guidance and feedback.

A project will have different design systems review needs based on its stage:

During discovery and ideation

We recommend reaching out to design systems during the wireframing stage. At this stage, we can answer questions and give feedback on design patterns and components.

Before engineering handoff

We recommend reaching out when your designs are in high-fidelity, and prior to engineering handoff. At this stage, we will help you review final designs for accessibility, styling, components, and patterns.

What to share when you ask us for a review:

  1. List your name, role, and teammates.
  2. Describe the work you'd like to be reviewed.
  3. What is your timeline for receiving feedback? This week? Month? Quarter?
  4. Figma or documentation links.

Additional items: Any specific feedback needs or questions pertaining to this featureĀ and any other teams that may benefit from this work.

Reaching out

You can reach our team on Slack, email or via office hours.