Help and support

Getting help

Our design system team is here to help with any questions that come up. Today, we do not have a detailed intake system, but you can expect to work in partnership with us as we work to support your design system requests.

We handle ad-hoc requests via Slack, email, or office hours.

What type of help is offered?

Here are a few examples of the types of things we can help you with.

  • Further discussion content on this website further. Learn how to apply the design system to Firefox projects.
  • How does [component name] work?
  • Propose a new component or making a design contribution.
  • Get help with a design pattern, design style, behavior, or guideline.
  • Discuss issues or challenges you’re experiencing with the design system for a project.
  • Get a systems perspective on current projects you’re working on.
  • Learn to work with our components in Figma, or share a Figma bug.
  • Suggestions or ideas to make our design system better.
  • Gain a better understanding of what is coming up on our roadmap.

Contact methods


Reach out to us on #firefox-design-systems.

While we encourage you to use this channel for design systems requests, you may also email or message a design systems team member privately. You can learn more about our team and see Slack handles in our confluence wiki (you'll find this linked on our Slack channel).


Office hours

A weekly recurring office hours held on Zoom on Mondays, alternating between a North American and European-friendly timezone.

Ask questions, receive component help, suggest new ideas, etc. More details and sign up sheet can be found on Slack, or through email.