_About Acorn

Acorn is our public design system behind the design and build of Firefox. Our purpose is to help people create joyful products through a consistent, unified experience within the Firefox ecosystem. We do this by creating and capturing our design decisions, creating our best practices, and supporting our designers and engineers.

The system focuses on our desktop browser, as well as our iOS and Android browsers. Acorn is made for everyone that is designing and contributing to Firefox, including employees, contributors, and add-on creators.

Why Acorn

Our team was inspired by this quote

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.

Also, did you know that acorns are also one of the red panda’s favorite foods? Not only that, but acorns are too heavy to be spread by wind alone. Instead, each oak tree grows because an animal has spread acorn seeds. We hope that you will use what you find in our design system to grow Firefox and make the internet better.

We’re just getting started

Firefox has evolved and Acorn is more than just another redesign, it's a living system that will continue to grow and adapt alongside Firefox. A true catalog of our shared design system.

The Acorn design system site launched in February of 2023. Since we’re just getting started with our documentation journey, here is what you can expect to see now:

  1. A robust set of content guidelines that dive deep into learning about how we write for Firefox.
  2. The beginnings of our colors, and icon libraries.
  3. A few select components that outline our plans for future documentation.


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